Types of OOH (Out of home) Media’s In India

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Advertising is the pillar of any business to be successful. It takes an imperative role in experiencing a good turnaround for your business. It is also important to run in this competitive world. 

Advertising has its own advantages to help you reach heights in business. No matter what your business is! Advertising can be achieved in different ways like television, newspaper, radio, websites, hoardings, and billboards. 

Have you ever heard of out-of-home advertising? If you have a business, then you will definitely know this term. OOH is live for decades now, they are called Traditional OOH and as everything is moved to online now it’s called as Digital OOH.. 

Advertising Billboard-Armour Digital ooh

What is traditional OOH

Years old traditional Out-of-the-home advertising including advertising variations like billboards, digital bulletins, posters, wall scapes, hoarding and many more. All these options were doing awesome for the past few decades

Billboards: Billboards are more impactful formats and they are of two types like rotary bulletins which can be moved from one place to another to give more market awareness and coverage. Permanent bulletins are of fixed forms and also have higher impacts on the promotion part of the business.

Poster: Posters are mainly used to target pedestrians and vehicular traffic, they deliver more traffic. The posters are mainly located in industrial areas for commercial purposes. 

Wall scape and hoarding: Wall scapes and hoarding are one of the most common traditional OOH. They are commonly seen on the sides of the building either painted or printed. They cover most of the traffic and attention. 

Wall scapes and hoarding-Armour Digital

OOH in digitalised form? What is it? And what are its benefits! 

Well, OOH is running and growing hard to get their digital success to succeed in their business of promoting businesses. It is proven that DOOH ads are 2.5 times more impactful and traffic bringing than the static OOH. They grab attention with DOOH, advertising campaigns experiencing advancement and more revenue returns. Almost 60% of all its revenue has been increased in recent years after DOOH. 

DOOH can bring various benefits like 

  • Attractive advertisements 
  • Animations happening
  • Programmatic DOOH 
  • Demographic DOOH
  • Tracking 
  • Targeting and retargeting 

Few places where you can use DOOH, you can utilise to display digital out-of-the-home advertisements are:

1.Shopping malls and retail stores 

Shopping Mall Advertising-Armour Digital

Shopping malls and retail stores because it attracts massive crowds and traffic to the advertisement. Thus it helps both the DOOH business holder and the client to grow. 

2.Movie theatres and Arenas 

Though these places seem to be an entertainment buster, they accommodate more people, higher visibility. 

Wrap up 

All that being said, DOOH is still growing to offer even more reliable targeting and omni channel capabilities with much more technical innovations. Indulge DOOH, grow your business with DOOH and help it grow. Let it be a win-win situation.

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