Top 10 creative bus station and bus branding ideas

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Public transportation is being board more than 35 million times each weekday. Among all bus shelters are a wonderful medium for advertising as they provide a great visibility. Here are the top 10 bus station and bus branding campaign ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Armour digital proposes various bus stop advertising through creative campaigns that attracts more eyes than the conventional advertisements. These are some of the effective way to ensure your ad gains unique exposure.

Interactive Ad

Engaging with our customers is a vital factor in any business. Constant interaction helps to retain our customers and also add more new numbers. Here, Armour Digital puts forward examples of some of the interactive ads that shows, companies looking to engage with their customers on a more meaningful level.

1.Quicksilver: Ramp

The craze for sports holds a never ending wave on the common public. While people wait for their scheduled bus in the bus stop, entertaining them with a quick game will be interesting and engaging mode of advertisement. Here we have a real skateboard mounted on the side of a typical Danish bus stop.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Copenhagen, Denmark)

2.Real Hip Hop: Black Power

The vibrant love for music can be spread to a large crowd with this innovative method of advertising. Converting the bus stop into a selfie point, counld take the song your song or album much far, into the population. Highlighting the band or the starring cast on the bus stop boards will offer a good reach to your music. Music competitions can also be popularized with the bus stop billboards.
“Black music all the way.” Cannes Lions Outdoor finalist
(Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Sao Paulo, Brazil)

3.Apple Macbook Air: Swing

More popular brands tend to establish more interaction with their customers for introducing and advertising their new products. Here we have the Apple company launching their Macbook series with a swing in the bus stop. Have such engaging interaction with the public will create eagerness to check out your new product.
Credits: Bruno Taylor

Entertainment as Engagement

While being interactive on one side, mere eye catching entertainment can also be a real advertising technique in bus stop.

4.Fisch Franke: Filled with water and Real Fish

Seafood is one of the most loved cuisines all over the world. The more fresh the fish is, the more would be the taste. Understanding this cooking secret, restaurants opt to buy fresh marine animals. But building trust among the customers tends to be a tough task. An innovative idea is filling a mini container full of water and live fish, will make the task easier. This surprising move in the bus stop, can attract more customers to your restaurant.

5.Coca-Cola Refrigerator Bus Shelter

Reflecting the nature of your product in the bus stop can attract and please more of the crowd. Altering the bus stop into a prototype of your outlet with the display of all the product varieties can really give a good reach to your products. Here we have the display of a bus stop being completely altered into a cola unit.

“Open Happiness.” Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Istanbul, Turkey

6.Livegreen Toronto: Switch

General awareness also includes in the advertising campaign. Matters enveloping public safety, environmental awareness, rules and regulations can be featured in the digital billboards in the bus stop. The below shown campaign idea comprises of a eco-friendly message with provision of switch. People in the bus stop can switch it on to read the message and off it when finish reading.
Advertising agency: Agency59, Toronto, Canada

7.Coca-Cola: New Grip Bottle

Not only fresh launches, even any mere upgrades can be advertised in the billboards of the bus stop. Here we have any example of Coca-Cola let people know about the new Coca-Cola Grip Bottle has a better grip for holding.

Adaptive to different environments

Armour Digital comes out with various advertising proposals even considering the target crowd and location. As the likings of people vary with location, these ad types can suit, to capture the locals.

8.Ski Lift Bus Station

This ski lift bus station is a awesome exhibit, to attract people towards the adventures and entertainment available in the locality. It also the helps people to remember the star attractions of the place. The important places to visit can the displayed in the bus station that can help generate more revenue through tourism.

9.Aquarium Bus Stop Billboard

Food being an important amenity, much reliability is required to pull people to purchase those items. Here is an example of a fish vendor who decided to show their fish is as fresh as it can be. This aquarium set up is a great advertisement that helps to build trust on the vendor.

Catching Designs

Armour digital puts forward some eye catching designs that portray itself very different from the surround that pulls more people to it.

10.Lemon Drop bus stop

Some local seasons can be taken as example to build a bus station such as the lemon drop bus stop shown here. These static pieces of advertisement is good eye catcher and can stand out among other ideas.
Agency Network: TBWA

These are some of the extraordinary advertising ideas that can boost your products and help to maintain a better relation and engagement with the public, using our bus stations. Click on here to know more.

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