Top 10 Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Campaign Ideas for the Year 2020

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Here are the top 10 digital best outdoor advertising campaign ideas for the year 2020. Check it out

  1. Weather Reactive DOOH Campaign
    The weather reactive signage tends to be one of the real-time campaigns that could align with the consumers’ mindset and environment at every moment. Ranging products from clothing, food, and drinks could be dynamically targeted at the consumers which would remain useful at the most relevant time. Weather reaction could be used to provide engaging content, that might surely attract more audience and it really seems to be useful.
  1. World Water Day Campaign
    In 2010, the UN-recognized “the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitization as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights”. So awareness of world water day will inculcate responsibility among people to conserve water. The dynamic DOOH module that gives information regarding the groundwater level and volume of water in reservoirs will create awareness regarding the efficient use of water. Pop-ups could be sandwiched between other advertisements to often remind people about the importance of water conservation.
  1. Multi-layered DOOH Campaign
    The grand visuals of DOOH boards rarely go unnoticed. A single display picture for a long time will not push the signage to optimal usage. Multilayers, meaning different visuals at the same instance of time absorbs more eyes towards it. Breaking news across the country or real-time sports updates could be layered to pull more attention. To take this medium another level user-generated data and messages could be incorporated, making it a live interaction. In case arrangements been made to address the queries on time, it would help to drive content and discussions online.
  1. Earth Hour Campaign
    When it comes to a mass movement, much effort has to be put in coordinating and organizing. The same is the case to raise awareness of the Earth hour. Globally the Earth hour program is meticulously planned to remind the people to shut down power as an act to reduce global warming. DOOH can be efficiently used to raise public awareness of the conservation action that would benefit our nature. Out of home campaigns can also be employed for interaction and engage people in contributing and proposing innovative measures for energy conservation. This will generate conversation among the general public of how they could take action to protect the planet.
  1. Go for Scale Campaign
    Go for Scale would simply and probably be push advertisement that might last for a few seconds or minutes. These are short time advertisements that target a large crowd to boom the business. Entertainment brands are at the forefront of scaling through DOOH. These entertainment brands include movies, television series, web series, and other entertainment shows. Scaling campaigns would sandwich between regular advertisement and they tend to usually generate more revenue. Warner Bros promoted the film Batman vs. Superman via this type of DOOH campaign.
  1. The wave of Waste Campaign Rather than brand development and revenue generation responsible and informative campaigns could be conducted through DOOH. The threat to nature and required awareness can be reflected appropriately on the large visual. The wave of the waste campaign is a precursor to mark World Oceans Day in 2020. Microplastic accumulation is a major threat faced by Ocean waters all around and cause dangers to living beings. So we could emphasize the volume of plastic ending up in our oceans and educate the general public regarding the measure which has to be taken to mitigate this catastrophe.
    Image credit : Corona wave of waste
  1. Woman’s Day Campaign
    The focus on women’s rights is getting pace day by day. As a matter of respect and more attention to women’s rights, an international women’s day is being commemorated. This day is largely celebrated in many parts of the world at the same time being ignored elsewhere. Digital out of home campaigns can highlight the importance of celebrating womanhood and educate the society regarding the rights and to respect women.
  1. Cancer Awareness Campaign
    Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally which means about 1 in 6 deaths are due to cancer. Physical, chemical and biological carcinogens are the reason behind the cause of cancer. Late-stage detection and inaccessible diagnosis and treatment are also common causes of cancer deaths. DOOH could be efficiently and promptly used to create awareness regarding cancer and its treatment. Displaying the reasons, symptoms, and diagnosis will create awareness against cancer. Repeated signage will empower people to recognize the importance of spotting cancer sooner. DOOH can be promptly used to help people fight cancer.
  1. Interactive Campaign – Featuring images from landmarks across India
    The growing stature of India as a tourism hub creates a demand for an interactive out of home elements that help give your campaign legs with fewer efforts. Humans naturally want to be able to share their story, message or experience. Thus, the interactive module will let the individuals share their views regarding landmarks across India, this may also include images that would gain more attention. The interactive DOOH campaign is considered to be authentic and reliable as they are expressed based on an individual’s experience. Hence, this interactive service has more possibility to be a good hit among the public.
  1. International Tiger Day Campaign
    Although an increase in the number of tigers is recorded in India, there are only 3500 – 3900 tigers surviving across the top 13 tiger range countries. The survival of wild tigers directly relates to the pristine habitat. Hence it becomes our responsibility to conserve and protect the tigers and their habitat. Digital out of home campaigns can be tasked to teach the people regarding tiger conservation as this would be a valuable step towards animal and nature conservation.
DOOH is still growing to offer even more reliable targeting and omnichannel capabilities with much more technical innovations. Employing DOOH grows your business with much more efficiency and attracts more revenue. Let it be a win-win situation. Armour will make your desire happen! Comment to know more about our skills to make your business get more leads.

All that being said, DOOH is still growing to offer even more reliable targeting and omnichannel capabilities with much more technical innovations. Indulge DOOH, grow your business with DOOH and help it grow. Let it be a win-win situation. Armour Digital will make your desire happen!  Drop us a line to know more about our skills to make your business get more leads.

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