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2400+ screens, 100+ dual display information screens, 2000 speakers, 14 large format video walls and still growing in numbers. These are what you will gain access through Armour Digital. We make a wonderful medium for every business to interact with its customers.

Role of Armour Digital in digital outdoor activities

Growing technology and society has opened up more space for business propagation. Gone were the days, where people used to know about products and services only through a television at home. Also, traditional advertising is proving to be less effective, and here rises the new innovation of effective advertising; the “Digital out of home advertising” or DOOH.

Armour Digital is a pioneer in digital OOH advertising(dooh) with its units being erected throughout the country. We master over the art of advertising with 14 years of expertise by covering a huge crowd in the most potential places.

Armour Digital stretches its presence across 10 states and 1 union territory in India namely Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and is still stepping into new locations. This wide presence itself certifies Armour Digital as a reliable partner to advertise and brand your establishment.

How Armour Digital revolutionize your space with digital screens

One thing that could be learned from the presence of Armour Digital is, we are located in varied geographies. This offers an all-time innovative instinct of advertising ideas, to popularise your brand. We pick potential spaces to deal with advertising. Airports, Railway stations, Bus stations, Video walls are the modes we choose to advertise.

Armour Digital at Railway Stations

The most thriving mode of transportation in our country is the railway. Around 23 million people access railway stations every day for their commute. Every business finds a great opportunity for advertising in such a crowded railway station. To assist you, Armour Digital have their hands on the digital billboards in railway stationsArmour Digital is the largest transit media owner in Indian Railways.

Armour Digital at Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are a congregation that offers choices for customers, in turn, it produces competition for products or business. The simple magic that can prosper your business is to attract as much crowd as possible with your advertisement. More people watching your ads mean that more could be pulled into your stall. Armour Digital has its digital boards as a magic wand in shopping malls, which can popularise your brand. Our executives analyze and display your ads at the right time and place, which adds strength to our strategy.

Armour Digital at Bus Stations

Bus Stations are the common alignment for people’s everyday commute. When calculating the travel and the waiting time, it learned that people spend a considerable amount of time at the bus station. Armour Digital uses this valuable time by advertising your exciting and attractive advertisement to familiarise your brand. The 162+ screens in BMTC bus station of Bangalore is a testimonial for the most effective public information system which Armour Digital holds.

Video Wall

Leisure activities spots are fun and relaxing for people and also a reliable spot for advertisers. A large video wall with an attentive crowd is an ample opportunity for business propagation. But what most businesses lack is access to prime time broadcast. That’s where Armour Digital has control over. We display your creative content at the right time to ensure it is watched by a large and attentive crowd.

A new platform for engaging your consumers

Armour Digital has 2400+ screens which are a potential source of attracting more consumers. India has a huge population with most being youngsters. This means youth form most of the consumer base. And today’s youth are mostly technology-driven and have their smart devices all the way with them. This gives an easy way to tap most of the consumers. 

Social media frames a common medium to interact with consumers, especially young consumers. Everyone has their social media synchronized with their smart devices and technology allows us to integrate outdoor digital screens with social media. This is an effective method of interacting with consumers for every marketer. Digital Out of Home advertising also provides opportunities to connect with young consumers during a festive season or concert to convince them of the product idea and to engage them with DOOH. 

User-generated content is an exciting option available on DOOH. Unlike the traditional method of advertising, digital boards allow us to change or alter the content anytime with reference to the existing market status or consumer perceptions. Pairing social media on mobile devices with outdoor digital screens is fast becoming its own type of user experience.

All these content strategies are well versed in Armour Digital. Our 14 years of extended experience and knowledge can give you an upper hand in advertising and popularising your brand. 

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