Cost of Billboard Advertising In India

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Cost of billboard advertising : Imagine a scenario with billboard ads! Let us consider an example of DOOH advertising in stations and highly traffic occurring road, one of the ten will look up to the advertisement, imagine the number of views per day and the conversions happening. So it is proven and evident that billboard advertising is one of the most imperative ways of marketing in the present day.
City Size Starting Cost (in INR)
Bangalore 10*15 40,000
Mumbai 15 X 40 70,000
Ahmedabad 12 x 8 4,800/Square Feet
Hyderabad 40 x 25 45,000
Chennai 30 X 12 41,000
Delhi 20 X 20 90,000

75% of people rely on billboards to get their information and offer details from many brands. As it is one of the smart ways to draw attention and create awareness, companies need to invest in billboards but do you want to know about the details and cost of billboard advertising.

When you plan to invest in something, you would plan your future benefits when you invest now. Anything that brings less than your investment would never be a better choice to pick up.

cost o billboard advertising-station:Armour Digital

The cost of advertisements varies with different terms. Few might be cheaper and few be really expensive but the outcome and promotion would be worth the pay. Take a look at the costing variations that I found in my research.

Size of the hoarding

The billboard costing will be based on the size of the hoarding. It is obvious that we pay based on the size, which is like the height, length, and place. Bigger the hoarding, the higher the cost of it. 

Lit and non-lit billboards

Billboards are of two types like lit and non-lit

The lit ones which mean they will have lights on the boards and it will comparatively costly than the non-lit ones. Non-lit billboards are the usual ones like traditional OOH billboards. 

Cost based on the visibility

Billboards are meant for advertising, keeping them on places where won’t notice is of no use. It must be taken care of that they are placed on highly visibility reaching areas. Billboards can be placed everywhere and every board will get impressions but placing them on higher-visibility areas like most traffic happening places will get higher reach rates than keeping it at normal places. 

cost of billboard advertising-Armour Digital

Talking about the cost, the places of high visibility will be costlier than keeping them in normal places.

Location-based costing 

As we discussed earlier regarding the highly visible areas, location for placing the billboards also matters. Placing them on prominent roads, market places, theatres, mall and in cities where the visibility rate will be high, will cost high. 


Based on the duration of the billboard hoarding at a place, the cost will be estimated accordingly. The agreement for the cost will be like when the duration is long, the cost will be high. Some billboard ad agencies make a contract for the duration, location, and pricing. 


Costing for metropolitan cities and placing higher traffic will be costly and small-town pricing will be comparatively lesser. 


Targeting the right audience in the main point for any business sectors, so while marketing with billboards, they can strategies the right audience group and place billboards right away, to gain more promotions and conversions. 

Gained knowledge about the advertisements and costings, now let’s look at the advantages of using billboards 

  • Attractive ads 
  • Animated ads 
  • Programmatic DOOH 
  • Higher impact
  • Demands attention 
  • Engaging and targeting ads 

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