5 Best Practices to ace the advertisement for digital advertising companies

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Establishing a successful brand requires to be assisted with optimization of digital out of home advertising, as digital OOH are a great way to impact audiences. Check out for best digital  outdoor advertising agencies in Bangalore.

The multiplying businesses in the liberalized era not only increase brands but also the competition. In such a competitive field, it is pivotal for a brand to be recognized distinctively. Innovation and creativity brings this distinct change to your brand.

What is Digital OOH advertising ?

Digital Out of Home advertising is one such player in the current day advertising. OOH takes your brand to people when they are out of home, thus comes its name. Armour Digital is one of the leading digital advertising companies,pioneer in utilizing the outdoor space with creative and innovative methods to spread your brand across the customer base. Here let’s see some of the best practices from Armour Digital’s DOOH (digital out of home) advertising

Some of the best practices in digital out of home advertising for digital advertising companies

1. Choose the right location

Some point to be remembered while placing a signage are

  • Target audience:

  • Make sure you target the right set of audience while erecting a sign board. Placing a candy ad in front of a hospital is not worth advertising. It has be places in the vicinity of schools.

  • Visibility:

  • Your advertisement should attract as much crowd as possible. A broad billboard can catch a number of eyes in making sure they adhere to the minds of people.

  • Legible distance:

  • This means that people should be able to read the content from a specified distance. Placing the signage too high or far from the crowd source can make it useless.

  • Legible distance:

  • Say, your board is placed too high or far or places lower than a passer’s view, the ad will miss the purpose. So deciding the placement is an important task in outdoor advertising.

  • Traffic count:

  • More the traffic count, more will be the view and greater chance for an increased customer base. This needs proper research of the traffic density in the city.


2. Use the right message

Content in the billboard display is a key to the brand. Be precise and attractive with the message you ought to convey. Too much words may go redundant, and miss to please the viewers. Speciality in the brand should be highlighted, sinking along the brand name itself. A creative content will really help in branding your product.

3. Optimize Digital OOH Advertising Timing

The appearance and display time of the advertisement depends on the kind of business and movement of the target audience. Say, a cooldrink advertisement should appear often in the summer and hot days. Relaying it often in a rainy time is an actual loss of money. Armour Digital expertise in calculating all the factors that could contribute to the brands favour. Make sure your ad doesn’t flashes soon before being read. Display and transition time should be calculated in accordance with the content that is to appear.

4. Give attention to Creatives.

Creative look of a brand in Digital OOH advertising scores more among the public. Give attention to every detail in the billboard making it more creative. Armour digital masters in creative billboard ideas aspect and this gives a better look and business approach to the brand.


5. Integrate OOH with other media

Apart from the social media association, integrating the OOH with other media can have open more opportunities. Popping your ad on live OOH news screening or in a live relay of news or events, catches more attention. Survey for a  popular media with a good viewer base and integrate your advertisement with the same.


Why is digital OOH better than traditional OOH

Traditional OOH remains static with the same message that was displayed while erected. Changes can never be made, only change that could be done is replacing the entire billboard. This dissolves more money than assumed. Digital OOH is user friendly with easily editable options and can be more attractive. Digital OOH is cost effective while compared to the traditional out of home advertising.

Armour digital has thus taking this vital task in helping the aspiration of brands to earn distinct recognition and revenue. We are a reliable partner in the field of Digital OOH advertising. Helping you, with an innovative idea to make your brand a grand success.

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