Best Digital OOH Advertising Agencies in India

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Traditionally, billboards were the only way to reach out to customers on the move. But, billboards are static, they are often ignored and don’t have the impact they should. In an age when everything else is going digital, out of home advertising has also followed suit. Digital OOH advertising is attention grabbing and has higher engagement results as compared to other forms of OOH advertising. There are a number of advertising agencies in India that offer this type of advertising but they’re not all equally qualified for it. If you’re considering venturing into this space, here are the top advertising agencies in India to partner with.

Armour Digital

With over 14 years of experience, Armour Digital is often named amongst the top advertising agencies in India. They are considered the pioneers of installing, operating and maintaining digital OOH advertising and integrated digital displays. Armour Digital offers digital OOH advertising at airports, BMTC terminals, railways stations, leisure destinations like the 1MG Mall and large format display systems in Mumbai and Gujarat. In Bangalore, the agency has over 150 screens at various BMTC bus stations. Overall, they boast of having over 1000 Digital AV screens, 1500 speakers, 10 digital video walls and 70 digital dual information systems. These assets are strategically positioned at places where they can garner most attention and keep the consumer engaged.

Global Advertisers

Global advertisers is a popular OOH advertising agency in Mumbai. They offer solutions for outdoor advertising as well as brand promotions and media planning. Their hoarding in Mumbai include a 16,800 sq ft hoarding. This is Asia’s largest hoarding! Over the years, Global Advertisers have successfully executed over 1.5 lakh campaigns and 1 lakh product launches. They also offer neon advertising, kiosks and advertising at bus stops, train stations and airports.

OOH India

OOH India specializes in digital out of home television. Since their inception, the agency has installed over 4500 screens in 18 cities across India. These screens reach out to over 70 million consumers. Their screens are installed in leisure spaces like malls, residential buildings, gyms and book shops as well as around office lobbies, food courts and outside corporate elevators. This helps reach out to a high-profile audience. OOH India also has an in-store presence.

Blue Ocean Media

This young OOH out of home agency offers solutions for billboards, digital PODs, advertising on bus shelters, public transport and in shopping centers. They large format as well as wide format outdoor advertising solutions. The agency is driven by a need to give their customers the best value for money. With offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Ahmedabad, the agency offers advertising solutions pan India and customizes plans to suit customer needs.


Locad is a Singapore based technology company that offers many different types of advertising solutions. This includes a mobile ad platform, an OOH inventory management platform, POP, monitoring and reporting, and a Programmatic DOOH network and CMS. Along with advertising platforms, they also offer real time insights to help brand owners find the best way to engage with their audience. Over the years they have delivered over 15 million ad impressions across more than 2,935 cities.

Laqshya Media Group

Founded in 1997, the Laqshya Media Group offers multiple advertising solutions including OOH Out of Home Advertising. The brand has 22 offices and are known for their work and integrity. Their list of accomplishments include advertisements on Dubai bus shelters, Indore’s first foot over escalators and being the only OOH brand to have attracted private equity investment from UTI Venture funds. They have also been credited with developing a state-of-the-art planning tool for measuring the media value and effectiveness of Outdoor campaigns

TDI International India

When it comes to advertising in the Delhi Metro, this is the biggest player. They own advertising rights to 103 Delhi Metro Stations as well as train wraps & inside train branding on 39 metro trains. Apart from this TDI International India also offers advertising solutions for airports at Chennai, Ahmedabad, Goa and Cochin and 360 degree advertising solutions for mobile and internet advertising.

Ajit Ads

Based in Ahmedabad, Ajit advertising has an experience of over 25 years. During this time, they have become known for creative advertising solutions. Their services include designing, managing and deploying ad campaigns in print and television, occasion planning, road shows, press conferences, corporate image building exercises and lots more.

Madison India

Founded in 1988, Madison India has 24 Business Units with 11 specialized functions. The agency is modern and progressive in its outlook, but old fashioned in its value systems. Their OOH services are managed by 5 brands- MOMS, Platinum OOH, Madison Turnt, Anugrah Madison and MRP. These OOH services include traditional formats such as hoarding and billboards as well as new-age formats.

Vyoma Media

Vyoma Indian boasts of being India’s largest integrated digital signage agency. They have run over 2050 campaigns in 16 states and across 400 locations. Their display screens can be seen at railways stations, metro terminals, bus stops and booking counters. Through these display screens they have helped brands reach out to over 130 million people.

Is Digital OOH right for you?

Today, no brand can afford to ignore the digital OOH out of home space. Advertising in this space offers most value for money and highest returns. With agencies like Armour Digital, advertising solutions are constantly evolving and brands are finding new ways to reach out to potential customers more easily.

If you want to see your company grow, now is the time to start your digital OOH out of home campaign. Interested- get in touch today.

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