10 Amazing facts about DOOH (digital ooh) advertising

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The way we think about advertising has changed. Today, it isn’t enough for a brand to advertise on television and magazines, there’s social media, influencers and so many other mediums of advertising. When it comes to digital signage, India is aligned with global trends.  Billboards are passe. Why limit yourself to a static image when you can show your consumers a video? Digital Out-of-Home advertising has begun dominating the outdoor advertising space.

What is DOOH Advertising?

Digital out of home (OOH) advertising is the hottest trend in outdoor advertising. Instead of static billboards, Digital OOH allows brands to market their products and services through dynamic, digital advertising display screens. These screens may be big or small, they can help you advertise in metro stations as well as malls, the possibilities are endless. Just as ads on the television are considered more effective than newspaper print ads because of the story a video can tell, Digital out of home (OOH) advertising is more versatile and effective than static billboards.

10 interesting facts about DOOH advertising

1. Higher Visibility

The trouble with static billboards is that once you’ve seen it, there’s nothing to make you look up again. It may be big but it won’t always have the impact you want it to have. On the other hand Digital out of home (OOH) advertising allows you to replace static images with video content. Videos are always more attractive to look at as compared to images. Even if you’ve seen the video before, you may not mind watching it again. The result- higher retention and visibility.

2. Another Opportunity to be Creative

There’s a lot you can do with DOOH advertising. Digital advertising display screens can be designed to showcase a product, how a service works, offer coupon codes and lots more. Some may argue that billboards can also do these things. The difference is in how Digital OOH allows you to showcase your content in such a way that consumers are drawn to it. It’s an opportunity to share your message in the most creative way possible.

3. Drive Mobile Sales

When you’re waiting for a bus and the screen in front of you shows a video of a delicious burger, chances are you’ll place an order through your phone so that your burger reaches home at the same time as you do. A number of consumers actually make shopping decisions while in the car. Digital screens with video content are hard to ignore and much more persuasive as compared to static images on traditional OOH. With mobile phones being the chosen mode for shopping across many avenues, Digital OOH can drive mobile sales and impulse purchases.

4. Hard to Miss Advertisements

When it comes to advertisement, placement is crucial. Your ad needs to be placed within your consumer’s line and sight and should be bold and hard to miss. Digital OOH makes this easy to achieve. The Digital screens can be placed in prominent spots where they are sure to catch the consumer’s attention.

5. Expanded Reach

Digital OOH allows you to place advertisements at bus stations, train terminals, malls, airports and so many other places. These are places where people spend a lot of time simply waiting for something to happen. It’s the ideal opportunity to grab their attention. The versatility of digital screens allows brands to reach out to all sections of society and hence expands their reach.

6. Lowest cost

One of the issues with traditional OOH advertisements on billboards is that the flex needs to be physically installed and removed. Thus, on top of the cost of renting the billboard, the cost of designing the advertisement, etc., you must also factor in installation costs. On the other hand, digital OOH advertisements can be controlled and switched around without involving any extra labour. The ease of working with this medium and the absence of physical resources like flex prints makes them have the lowest cost.

7. Highest ROI

The ROI of an advertising medium plays a key role in choosing where and how to advertise. Digital out of home OOH has the lowest cost and the highest ROI. It drives engagement and sales through store visits as well as mobile sales. Once your advertisement is ready, it can be played across different screens without any additional cost.

8. Accurate Metrics

It’s hard to understand how effective a billboard advertisement actually is. There is no way to calculate how many people have seen it and how many took action from it. However, this is quite easy to do with Digital OOH. You can get accurate metrics on how many times an ad has been played at different  locations, the play time of these ads, etc. Many companies use innovative tech to integrate QR codes with these ads to produce even more powerful metrics.

9. Seamlessly Integrated into the Consumer’s Lives

The beauty of Digital OOH is that it seamlessly integrates into the consumer’s lives. It attracts the consumer’s attention in times when there is nothing else to distract them- when they’re waiting for their ride to work or waiting for friends to meet them at the mall. Thus, it fits into their lives while making an impression.

10. Connect Online and Outdoor

Digital OOH is a move towards taking advertisements to the cloud. In places like New York, kiosks with digital ad displays are already connected to the web and serve as free wifi hotspots. This allows the brands displaying ads on the kiosk to track the number of devices connected to it and thus get a more accurate measure of how many people have interacted with the ad.  These ads can also be connected to mobile phones and other smart devices.

Armour Digital -A Out-of-Home or Outdoor Advertising Agency in Bangalore

Consumers spend up to 70% of their day out of their homes. Thus, Digital OOH advertising is the need of the hour. Armour Digital is one of the leading outdoor advertising agencies in Bangalore and the rest of the country. We have a number of screens across bus terminals and train stations as well as large format digital display advertising in malls. The screen size varies with the location. This allows brands to target a specific audience with a low investment. With 14 years of experience backing the brand, Armour Digital knows what works and what will give you the highest ROI.

So, are you ready to take the next step towards impactful advertising?


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